L.I.F.E. Groups

NDFI Ministries

L.I.F.E Groups
Love, Intentionality, Fellowship, Encouragement

Our L.I.F.E. Groups are the basic Christian community where members build up one another intentionally through being channels of the Holy Spirit for love, fellowship and encouragement. We have the following purpose in mind:


PREACH the Gospel


PASTOR the Believers

Leadership Development

PREPARE the Disciples

Multiplication and Missions

PLANT the Leaders

This is in tandem with the purposes of the Church as shown in the diagram below.

Members gather in Church and in homes with the following agenda:

Worship (Identity)

Our identity is not based on who we are but more significantly, on whose we are.

Word (Insights)

Interacting with one another over God's Word helps to bring Biblical insights for practical living.

Work (Influence)

Influence that makes a difference through strategically engaging in changing lives both within and outside the church.

Walk (Integrity)

There is no greater need today than integrity that lives out our faith victoriously. Questions are asked to facilitate this emphasis:
What's happening in your life… Where is the LORD in all this… What are you going to do about it… How can we as a Community empower you?