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July 2024

No Retreat, No Reserve, No Regrets

I am challenged by the life of William Borden. Born into a very rich family, he studied at Ivy League schools, Princeton and Harvard. At age 25 he left all to become a missionary to China.

June 2024

Where Your Attention Goes, The Power Flows

Today’s passage gives us a simple yet profound principle to living with the empowering presence and power of Christ in our situations.

May 2024

Thriving in the Midst of Adversities

Can you look back to certain situation and season where you prematurely label it a 'burden' when you are in the middle of it; but call it a 'blessing' when you get on the other side of it.

April 2024

Positioning Ourselves to Move with God

In the midst of the changes and uncertainties, anchoring on JESUS who remains unchanged will position us to move with the LORD.

March 2024

Significance of the Resurrection

CHRIST has Risen! If we only think of Easter as Jesus rose from the dead, then we would have missed the point.