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New Destiny Music
NDFI Music Ministry

To train and develop individuals to a greater level, train to be skilful and fill with the Holy Spirit, in order to usher people into the presence of God and to bring God's love to the world through songs and music.

A Word from our Music Director

Dear Brothers & Sisters of NDM,

My prayer is for all of us to grow more in the Lord in terms of hunger & passion! I pray that each of you would also receive a surge of creativity and wisdom each day!

And as we receive from God, let us also not forget to make time to especially love the people on the stage whom we constantly rub shoulders with. Continue to encourage one other with the sweetest yet truest words to build this body whom we are not coincidentally placed in. As we progress into the future, let us not forget that it's through God's grace that we've made it thus far, I am confident that God is going to move in our lives continually! Be prepared! Exciting things would be revealed in our coming meeting soon! So till then, be steadfast in your service toward God and the ministry in whichever area you are trusted with. God's grace and love be with you dear brothers and sisters!

Benjamin Lazarus Soh
New Destiny Music